RMC charity Tee For Japanese Orphan Earth Quake

RMC會出一款兩色既,「支援日本地震孤兒」tee shirt. 做法同上次一樣,售出所有,全數損贈”紅十字會”,到時希望大家支持! 為這些日本災難中的孤兒盡多點力,就借助大家多一些支持和力量!

Apple Daily 2nd Feb 2011

Flash On issue 15 24th Feb 2011

Sing Tao Daily 9 March 2011

RMC black chino pants

The new chino pants in black color,  the font pockets design are different from the RMC chino pants released before. All are made in Japan. It is now available in s11.

RMC 1021 cut Denim

The RMC new denim 1021 cut worker jeans was released. The RMC red button made the denim special and the  RMC 1021 cut seems more skinny. It is now all available in s11.