MKWS 2011 Spring Hoodie – Laurel Flag

This hoodie is made by heavy gram cotton and you can find that many country flags are inside the laurel. There are 4 color combos ( hoodie x stitch ) : Yellow x Blue, Red x Yellow, Purple x Yellow and Blue x Red, all availble in S11 now.

RMC Military Shirt

This Military Shirt is coming in Black color, patch on the sleeve with details. Available in S11 now.

RMC Classic Jeans reborn!

The most classic RMC jeans HUUZINN & RAIZINN and more are reborn! They are all available in S11 now.

RMC Wave Pattern Patchwork Pea Coat

RMC released the wave pattern patchwork Pea Coat with high details of production, the us navy style pea coat is made by wool with very nice quality of cut & sew, specially all the wave pattern patched are controlled by hand carefully while stitching to reduce the chance of shift. They are all available in ...

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