Yoho Magazine Featured about S11 NYC

Thanks so much to YOHO Magazine from China about the feature of S11 NYC

RMC MKWS Tiger Pattern LB2 Jacket

The original LB2 jacket is reborn now, RMC MKWS released the LB2 jacket with their own tiger pattern with the original style. All available in S11 now.

Pandaa!! Magazine Feb 2011

RMC Yoropiko Embroidery Velvet Hoodies

The RMC Yoropiko Embroidery Velvet Hoodies have two styles – Dragon and HUUZINN & RAIZINN, by using the high quality of velvet with the embroidery, the overall is look gorgeous. Please notice that the backside of HUUZINN & RAIZINN is the Japanese General. All available in S11 now.

MKWS 2011 Spring Hoodie – APE

Another MKWS 2011 Spring Hoodie, this time is APE, beside the chest and back, the hood also have the MKWS flocking. Same as the laurel flag one, also have 4 color combos : Blue x Red, Black x Red, Red x Yellow, Grey x Black. All available in S11 now.

RMC MKWS Tiger Pattern Worker Jacket & Neck Warmer

We have posted Martin Ksohoh wore the RMC Tiger Pattern Jacket few months ago, finally the first round of tiger pattern items arrived in S11, they are RMC worker jacket & neck warmer. 2nd round is coming soon..