Seleven Gallery Wan Chai Shop Open

Seleven Gallery 灣仔店現已開業,而我們也定了於2010年6月5日舉行開幕酒會,歡迎各位到場參與。 Seleven Gallery Wan Chai Shop now open for public already and we will have the GRAND OPEN EVENT at 5th June 2010. We are welcome everyone come to visit and join this. 地址:香港灣仔灣仔道185 號康樂商業大廈地下 / G/F, Connaught Commercial Building, 185 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. 更多圖片可以於 Madness Magazine 看到。 Check ...

Red Monkey Company Summer 2010 Embroidery Jeans

RMC Summer 2010 Embroidery new jeans, 3 new styles – HUUZINN RAIZINN, MOMOTARO & KINTARO and Embroidery Tiger. All coming soon. Thanks to MADNESS MAGAZINE for the photos.

Undefeated x New Balance CM1500

SELEVEN SHOP TST KOWLOON – 28th May 2010 Related posts: » New Balance x Undefeated Desert Storm 1500 – Additional Info » New Balance CM1500 » New Balance x Beams CM1500 » Undefeated x New Balance 1500 – A Detailed Look » New Balance Spring 2010 CM1500

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