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Kintaro (金太郎/きんたろう) Shokunin Tees

After the released of HUUZINN 風神 and RAIZINN 雷神, RMC released new Shokunin Tees with Kintaro 金太郎 きんたろう which is one of the classic Japanese Legend Icon. Kintaro (金太郎/きんたろう) is printed on both front and back side, each style comes in 4 colors way of BLACK,NAVY & RED with front, back and two sleeves prints which two sleeves prints are same as HUUZINN 風神 and RAIZINN 雷神.

They are available in SELEVEN GALLERY HK & Taipei now.

If you want to know more about Kintaro (金太郎/きんたろう), you can check Wiki for more.

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